Alena & Alexey

I rarely shoot love stories even though as a photographer working Paris I often get asked for them. Their format is usually too short for me to create something that is unique and special for the couple that I'll meet for the first time only on the day of their shoot. I really do prefer weddings when I meet my couple months in advance, know their characters, maybe do a pre-wedding or engagement session first. You get the idea... So I rarely do couple lovestory shoots, but every once in a while I get a couple who are so in tune with me, have exact idea of what they want and are just a joy to hang out with just like it happened with Alena & Alexey.

For this romantic early spring couple portrait session (it was 1 hour by the way) we chose to meet just after sunrise at Trocadero. Alena organised her own flowers, so don't know which florist shop she used but I adore the white tulips she picked! With 1 hour package I don't offer a change of location, but we do several different angles at the same location. Here we walked all the way down to Pont d'Iena for the view of the Eiffel Tower with Seine river in the background. We stopped by the carousel on the way and even found first blooming cherry blossom trees in the Trocadero park. I've spent a beautiful (although cold) morning with these lovebirds!


Best thing - after I delivered the photos to the guys I got a lovely "thank you" email from them gushing over the way I deliver photos via Pixieset private albums. I love the stylish and professional design of Pixieset service so much, and it also serves as a backup copy of all my delivered shoots, so my clients can retrieve their photos as many times as they need and from anywhere in the world. Would highly recommend it to any professional photographer!