One of the requests that I receive the most often is "We'd love to have a photoshoot by the Eiffel tower, please!"

So this post is my long overdue answer and hopefully a big help for those of you planning your Paris photoshoot experience - I've put together the list of my top 15 favorite locations that feature the Eiffel tower in the background. I have specifically omitted Trocadero plaza from the list to show you that Paris has so many exciting alternatives to offer, most of which would give you a better experience, where you don't need to wait for your turn to stand in 1 spot with the view and can shoot throughout the day and not just at sunrise.

Top 15 of my favorite Eiffel Tower locations & Trocadero is not in it!

Bir-Hakeim bridge

This bridge offers a minimalistic clean and large view of the Eiffel tower and has several beautiful spots for your photos to add some variety to the view. There is a ledge you can sit on, the columns of the bridge itself (bonus point during the rainy day shoots this offers a bit of coverage from the rain if it's not windy!) It's a great location for both sunrise and afternoon/sunset/night time shoots. In the morning you'd be backlit, in the afternoon you'd have the sun directly on you.

Avenue de Camoëns

Just a short walk away from Bir-Hakeim bridge this location is very popular for photoshoots. The light here (and crowd levels) are best at sunrise. Any later and you are risking to not see the Eiffel tower well because it will be heavily backlit. The light once again becomes good to shoot here in the evening or night. Be ready for some waiting time here as it is very popular and will become even more so with Trocadero closed off during the Olympic games. 

Rue Saint-Dominique

This lovely street has become popular thanks to instagram. I love to shoot here, adding a stop at a cafe for a warm drink or a glass of wine. The light changes here through the day generally direct or sidelit in the morning and backlit in the evening. Rue Saint-Doinique is also a walking distance away from Alexandre III bridge or from Avenue Rapp, so it can be good not only for 30 minute mini sessions, but for the longer walking routes too. 

Avenue Rapp

Another instagram favorite, this location offers several views of the Eiffel tower either hiding behind the building, or next to the lovely flower shop Howea, and even right next to the Pont de l'Alma. I love how dramatic it can look at different times of the day. I've shot here even in high noon on a sunny day and it's fun to play with light and shadows here for a more unique view. 

Pont de l'Alma

One of the most overlooked locations which surprisingly offers a very clean minimalistic view of the Eiffel tower! It's a short walk from Avenue Rapp or Palais de Tokyo and Palais Galliera and there are never crowds of people here to compete with you for the spot with a nice view.

Passerelle Debilly

This pedestrian only bridge is located right in front of Palais de Tokyo and is great at any time of the day. If you don't mind the many locks attached to the railings you can enjoy a clear view of the tower with the Seine river clearly visible as well. There are steps leading under the bridge for a view directly by the water here as well.

Louvre garden

This view of the Eiffel tower is much smaller and it's partially covered by the trees, but it's a nice option to still have it visible in some of the shots even if you choose to go for the Louvre as your primary Paris photoshoot location. The garden bushes are evergreen, so even in the winter you can have that pretty green background. I'd recommend to use it mostly on a cloudy day or for your evening sessions to have the best direction of light.

Alexandre III bridge

This is a parisian classic - I especially chose different times of the day to show that it works in any light and there are many spots here for photos featuring the Eiffel tower or just the gorgeous bridge itself. Favorite for elopements, wedding portraits, blogger and family shoots - this is the most versatile and elegant location. Walking distance from Concorde on one side or Rue Saint-Dominique on the other, it can be combined into a nice walking route for 1 hour and longer sessions, or just as a stand alone location for 30 minute mini photoshoots.


Tuileries garden doesn't allow photoshoots in the main part of the garden, but there are a few spots here where generally it's ok to do a few photos and because the side of the garden is elevated it offers a stunning view of the Eiffel tower especially good for winter time when the trees are bare. Locations close by to combine with this view are Concorde, Louvre garden or the museum, Place Vendôme.


Coming out of Tuileries garden to the street level this is the same view but at a slightly lower angle. In the morning it has a cool view of the entire Concorde plaza coming out of metro. It's also great for evening/night time photos and, as you can see from the examples, my couples with doggies love this spot for photos!

Palais Galliera

One of my favorite locations for any photoshoot in Paris, this is a very versatile location featuring great architecture and an amazing view of the tower. I've used it at different times throughout the day and the light usually works well to have the Eiffel tower well visible. The park closes in the evening before sunset, so only daytime photos are possible here, but if you time it well especially in winter you can have the evening photos here before the park closes and then move to Palais de Tokyo or Passerelle Debilly for the night time flash photos.

Pont Neuf 

The furthest view of the Eiffel tower from the entire list this is just a tiny nod to you being in Paris, but sometimes less is more! Some of my favorite photoshoots started here and then going to Place Dauphine and Ile de la Cite and all the way to Ile Saint-Louis from here. It's also a non traditional and exciting alternative for surprise proposal or engagement photoshoot! In the morning it's mostly direct light and in the evening is more backlit.

Pont des Arts

This is the nest bridge you see in the photos from Pont Neuf location - slightly closer to the Eiffel tower, but again it's a more far away look that's a lovely addition to the shoots at the Louvre on one side of the Seine river or as a finishing stop for the walking route beginning at the Luxembourg garden and going all the way to Pont des Arts (for 2 hour sessions). 

Palais de Tokyo 

This location is very popular for fashion shoots - it's modern, has lots of cool angles and even a lovely fountain in summer time. Editorial style wedding portraits look great here. Love it for night sessions as well and it's perfectly located in between Palais Galliera and Passerelle Debilly and also a short walk away from Pont de l'Alma. 

Galeries Lafayette

A little cherry on top - my favorite free access rooftop view of Paris just behind the Opera Garnier on the terrasse of Galieries Lafayette shopping mall. It's only open during the opening hours of the mall from 10am to 8:30pm, so wouldn't work for a sunrise shoot, but perfect if you time your visit well. In the evening it's rather backlit, so to have the best view I recommend to arrive here at the opening time or to shoot here on a cloudy overcast day. 

For more ideas for choosing the perfect route for your photoshoot in Paris, please check out my