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Spring time in Paris is absolutely magical! This spring I was very excited to welcome one of my dear friends and fashion inspirations Cee from Coco & Vera Blog in Paris during the time of blooming cherry blossoms and magnolias. Of course we had to go out and shoot some beautiful streetstyle looks while those amazing pink flowers take over the Parisian parks and streets.

For this Paris fashion blogger session we chose not to go to the centre of the city and instead used one of the many little parks. This one is located in the suburb of Paris called Vincennes. It's a quiet mostly young French families with kids oriented neighbourhood were I live. Just a walking distance away there is a Parc Floral de Paris - a botanical garden which happens to be a home of a gigantic pink magnolia tree! I've never dreamed that flowers that big exist until Cee and I found it for our photoshoot. 

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