Ekaterina & Maxim Paris Elopement

Are you dreaming of a Paris wedding, but think that it's gonna be too complicated and pricey to organise? Have you considered that you could do an elopement ceremony for two or in a small circle of friends and family? Or simply bring your wedding dress and suit and treat yourself to a sunrise photoshoot with the view of the Eiffel Tower and maybe some other of your favorite parisian streets and monuments!


Paris is just a perfect place for wedding photography, and even the simple location like Trocadero offers many different angles to shoot within a 1 hour session like this one. We have started the shoot right at sunrise, which means that the brave bride was up much earlier to get her hair and make up done by a professional parisian stylist, who by the way have no problems to come to your hotel or apartment very early in the morning to get you ready for your special day. We didn't have a bouquet for this elopement photoshoot, but keep in mind that you can ask your Paris photographer to put you in touch with one of the florists who can also design and deliver custom made floral decorations to make your experience special. 


Hope this post helps the brides planning their dream parisian elopement with some ideas and for those of you who just came to have a look at some pretty photos of Paris in the golden hour light - enjoy ;)