Surprise Proposal in Paris

As a Paris Photographer I'm always game for some exciting photoshoots like pulling off a total surprise proposal! Alena from Barcelona reached out to me to book a 1 hour couple portraits photo session with me during her trip to Paris with her boyfriend. Little did she know that her beau Dima has also written to me to plan a surprise proposal for her during this photoshoot.

We have started doing the photos just like any regular lovestory shoot - at sunrise to have as little people as possible in the background of the photos. It also happens to be the best time for the golden light that makes the photos look extra magical. After a few photos which allow me to set the camera just right and when the guys have relaxed in front of the camera (and Dima got his nerves under control, which I'm sure he was freaking out from excitement on the inside), I gave him a signal that I'm ready and he got down on one knee...


I've seen my fair share of girls being totally taken by surprise, but Alena's reaction might be my favorite - she just cried and had to walk away for a second and she just couldn't believe it that her Dima did something so romantic and that she truly had no idea! I'm so glad I got all of that captured for their memories! After that we just walked around Trocadero snapping away as my two lovebirds couldn't stop smiling and hugging and kissing, which made my job oh-so-easy. 


We finished our little walk at Palais Galliera, which is one of my favorite locations in Paris right next to the Eiffel Tower and its view with columns just looks magestic for portraits. What I won't forget was the funniest moment when Alena called her parents to say that Dima has proposed and that she said Yes, and her dad just asked "ok, but did you buy the winter jacket you were looking for?" :) Priceless!