Anastasia & Alexander Elopement

Trocadero plaza is one of the most requested Paris photoshoot locations. It is rightfully so popular - this is easily the best view of the Eiffel Tower, perfect for sunrise sessions all year around (although be prepared to start shooting at 6am here if you'd like to use this location in the summer time). Being so popular, it has become progressively more and more difficult to shoot here in the recent years. Imagine trying to do photos or better yet surprise proposal or elopement ceremony shoulder to shoulder with other 50 or so photographers and their clients that come here every sunrise to do exactly the same thing. This place has, at least to me, lost its charm of a quiet romantic spot to meet sunrise, but it doesn't mean that it's still not the best view in town! Although I wouldn't recommend it for elopement ceremonies, I would totally advice to use this location for elopement portraits and have your private ceremony elsewhere in the city. Anastasia and Alex have chosen to do just that and we have spent an hour walking around Trocadero capturing their wedding portraits. A word needs to be said about Anastasia's wedding romper - I love!!!