In our family we have a tradition - every November we print holiday greetings cards for the Christmas and Year Year season to mail to all our friends and family. Especially after having kids, this has become such a milestone for us and we look through the old cards remembering all the magical moments each of our past years has brought us. Even more so we love to receive the cards from our friends and family all over the world and keep them in a memory box! 


This year I've decided to take our tradition even further and to create a special price package introducing for the first time ever short and sweet holiday mini sessions in Paris. Especially if you have small kids who might not cooperate for a full 1+ hours shoot in starting to get chilly weather, yet you'd love to take home some images that we hope will get printed on your holiday cards or maybe will find home on the walls of the proud grandparents - this is for you!


30 minute sessions in 1 location, all non edited photos directly from the camera, plus beautifully edited 20 images of your choice for 200E.

The places are limited, so for November I'm taking 10 mini shoots and some of those places have already been booked since I've announced them on my instagram! 


There are a few things to keep in mind when planning a family photoshoot, so here are some tips that will make your experience easier and the result looking beautiful!


1. If you are traveling with grandparents or other family members - do invite them to come along and join for a few shots. If you kids are small having another person to help with them is an added bonus, so you can also get some portraits of your couple without worrying that your baby is running off or starting to cry for attention. Another bonus - you can treat your parents to some portraits of you with them too!


2. Location choice - we all know that nothing says more "Paris" that the Eiffel tower, however to your 3-6 year olds that's not the most exciting thing in the world to see and they would much rather opt for some running in a park or croissants tasting at a cafe. For parents of very active kids (and I am one of them!) I recommend Palais Royal, Tuileries, Palais Galliera, Luxembourg gardens - those places provide a safe environment to run around, while also being iconic parisian backdrops. Tuileries and Palais Galliera gardens also have the view of the Eiffel tower if you know where to look for it :)

3. Dress to impress! Especially if you are doing a 30 mins mini session you will not have a chance to get too cold and we will be taking short breaks when moving to a different spot for a new backdrop, when you can warm up in your coats and jackets. When planning your outfits consider having 1 colors as a theme and include 1 piece in the shade of that color for each family member - this way you will look cohesive as one unit. Another idea is (like what we did for our cards last Christmas) is to dress the newest family member in a bright color, while the rent of us were black for contrast (but it could be all white too and would work just as well). 


4. Print those cards! We have tried several different printing services to create our holiday cards in the past and the ones that we've loved the most were MINTED in the US, and ROSEMOOD in France. Both offer a huge variety of ready to print designs where you just need to upload your photos and write the text, plus all of them are also customizable and come with envelopes. While you are at it you might as well order some custom made calendars for the grandparents - it's always been my mom's favorite holiday gift from us.