Picnic in white at Château de Chantilly

This year - June 24th 2023

It's been awhile since I've added new articles to my blog, but this season I'm promising to keep you updated regularly. And we are starting with one of my favorite little things to do in June - picnic in white at the gorgeous Château de Chantilly, which is just a short 1 hour drive away from Paris. You may have heard of the legendary dinners in white that have been happening in Paris for many years in various locations of the city when large crowds of people all dressed in white take over the plazas and parks to dine right on the streets. Well, this is a similar idea, but a different location and you don't need to be a member or know someone who knows someone to get the invite like for the Dîner en Blanc in Paris. For this picnic in Chantilly you can just get your tickets directly and there are 2 options, either getting just the entry at 15 euro (if you buy your ticket until 21 June) or also getting a picnic basket prepared for you at 40 euro. 

Pique-nique en blanc Château de Chantilly

Le 24 juin 2023

The entrance starts at 19:00 and the event goes on until 23:30, but make sure you arrive before 21:00 as they will close the doors and not let you enter after 9pm. Useful things to know when planning to come - the car parking is available and is free of charge for everyone with the entrance ticket. There are toilettes available, but it's only in 1 place and that's by the entrance and far away from the area right next to the lake and chateau view, so as a family with kids we chose to set up close to the entrance and toiletts :) 


There is a dancing area set up and the DJs are playing really lovely music, plus last year they had a bar a DJ booth meaning that the guests could browse the vinyl records and request songs they wanted to be played. Hard alcohol is not allowed, but wine, beer or champagne are ok. If you bring your wine, don't forget to pack an opener as we've seen so many people looking for one! 


Other things to remember - even your picnic blanket is supposed to be white, so we used a very cheap off-white fleece blanket on top of our regular waterproof picnic blanket. Reusable hard plastic cups are a great idea to reduce trash, plus they are more falling from the wind resistant. Don't forget to bring a trash bag with you for when you'll, be packing to leave. And it does get chilly after sunset, which on June 24th will be at 10pm, so don't forget those white jackets/blazers/sweaters to keep you and your little ones warm. 


The event is super family friendly and a lot of expats and just tourists attend it, so don't be intimidated if you don't speak French or don't know anyone to join your small group. I'm sure you'll make new friends and have a great time! We've already booked our tickets and can't wait to go :)