Rainy day surprise proposal

Here's the story of the most extreme surprise proposal I've even gotten to capture! We met with those two at sunrise on a rainy day at Trocadero for the best view of the Eiffel tower. We were pretty much the only ones who decided to face the bad weather and take photos that day, which is my favorite thing - I get to use the entire plaza for spectacular views. Maria is also a photographer, so I was already nervious to photograph my colleague, then Daniil decided that standing on the railing of Trocadero in the pouring rain was exactly the right moment to propose! I had no idea - what's up with guys deciding to not let their photographer know about the proposal! I was terrified that Maria would step back in surprise and would fall, it's super dangerous and please please please, don't think of repeating this!

Right after this moment we all had to take a break and go have some coffee at the cafe Malakoff. We all needed to dry up and calm down :)

Next, we took an uber ride to the Notre Dame Cathedral where sakura trees were blooming at the time. Coincidentally this must have been the last Paris photoshoot in sakura by Notre Dame that I did before the fire that destroyed a part of the cathedral. This year unfortunately these beautiful views wouldn't be possible to shoot at. The blooming season usually begins in the end of March with magnolia, and then all through April with sakura, so if you are planning to take photos during that time, ask your Paris photographer about all the locations that are especially beautiful in bloom. My personal suggestion would be Palais Royal for magnolia, the garden behind the Institut de France building, Parc Sceaux.